Why do we need iPollo


iPollo is committed to resolving current transaction efficiency and cost issues in the web3 industry. By adopting cutting-edge technology frameworks such as OP Stack and ZK, it aims to provide better infrastructure


With the support of the iPollo Elastic Computing Network, iPollo can offer computational power solutions. It also provides model marketplaces, AI application SDKs and more, facilitating the construction of projects that integrate Web3 and AI


iPollo will offer metaverse developer tools to lower the entry barriers for metaverse developers. Additionally, it provides resources like a fully on-chain game engine and NFT tools, which will contribute to the prosperity of the metaverse


iPollo can integrate globally distributed GPU hardware and connect with global cloud providers to act as nodes, aiming to build a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN)

Resource Advantages

iPollo has a broad community foundation, with computing nodes in multiple countries worldwide.

iPollo has deep connections with government backed entities like CyberPort in HK and cloud service providers like Huawei Cloud, giving it a significant resource advantage.

Ecosystem Partners